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Water fountain design: OASE China     

Passionate about water

Fountains have come a long way from their humble beginnings of providing drinking water and being simple garden decorative features to multimedia water showpieces complete with light and audio accompaniment. With increasing eco-consciousness today, fountains and water features are implemented with environmental principles in mind.

With decades of experience in creative water effects design, from private garden features to large public installations, OASE brings new meaning to the words “living water” by combining its knowledge of water feature design with new technology in terms of energy conservation and water purification for fountains and other water effects.

Increased energy savings

OASE offers a wide selection of LEDs for its water features. LED technology has improved dramatically since their first appearance on the market in the early 90s and offers several advantages: low energy consumption, long service life, versatile colour combinations, as well as flexibility in design possibilities.

The increasing use of electronics in OASE’s products has helped to make OASE’s pumps more efficient. Its Varionaut range is 60 percent more efficient compared to its competitors.

Oxygenated water for healthier pond life

The incorporation of Air Flo technology into OASE water effects increases the safety and hygiene of fountains. It improves the quality of water bodies through the introduction of oxygen. This encourages aerobic bacterial growth to consume excess nutrients and organic matter within a water feature. Water movement also disturbs the water surface, inhibiting the growth of surface plants; this reduces stagnant areas, thus preventing insects such as mosquitoes from breeding.

For fountain ponds or lakes, incorporating Air Flo aerators also improve water clarity and reduce oxygen-less conditions on the pond/lake floor—this can result in water fauna growth and health.

Utilising bayonet technology, the aerators are simple to install, reposition and maintain, and come in varying choices to suit different power and size requirements. It can be combined with LED or halogen lighting to produce eye-catching water effects.

Better water quality

In addition to the Air Flo aerators, the Clear Lake system further treats natural and near natural water bodies in a safe, cost-efficient and environmental manner. They help to remove organisms such as algae and microbes, making the water clearer, yet maintaining the water bodies’ salinity and reducing the water’s pH values. This allows the growth of water fauna and flora given the correct settings, making the Clear Lake system applicable for recreational water bodies and industry uses.

About OASE

OASE was founded in 1948. Beginning with the invention of the humble pasture pump, OASE has since grown into a leading water features products and technology provider, along with its own multidisciplinary team of consultants comprising architects, M&E engineers, lighting and event consultants to offer various fountain and water feature solutions. Projects in Asia incorporating OASE’s solutions include the Banpo Bridge Fountain (Korea), WuXi Bridge Fountain (China) and the Crane Dance Water Show (Singapore).

Banpo Bridge Fountain, Korea

The Banpo Bridge is a significant landmark along the Seoul River in Korea. As part of the plans to ‘makeover’ the bridge, a waterfall was installed on both sides of the bridge, with streams of water cascading down the river. Powered by OASE show controller, the Banpo Bridge Water Fountain spans a total length of 1.2 kilometres and sends 190 tons of water down the Han River every minute. The fountain pumps up and re-circulates the water within the river. Not only does this help to aerate the water, the installation also adds more life and excitement to an otherwise common traffic connecting bridge.

Crane Dance Water Show, Singapore

The Crane Dance is an iconic water feature at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore. This water show features a pair of mechanical cranes programmed to spout water from their wings with graceful movements. The mechanical movements are synchronised with water spray, light, sound and special effects.

WuXi Bridge Fountain, China

Located along the northern intersection between the old and new Wuxi Canal, the musical fountain incorporates the latest technology and design from Germany. The fountain design was inspired by the Chinese auspicious ornament Ruyi, a power symbol in ancient China; as such the fountain adopts the unique “shower head” shape of the Ruyi. In terms of programming, multidirectional fan jets mimic the graceful movement of a peacock, surrounded by a dynamic “roller coaster” display of vertical jets, providing a visual treat for spectators.

OASE China


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