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With over 200+ researchers, we provide high quality project information including the verified contact details of key decision makers for every project.

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08/06/16 | BCI Sales Tip #4: How to Ask the Right Questions

Professionalism is more about the questions you ask than the answers you give. But how can you ask great quality questions in meetings? Questions are not effective when asked without any thought put behind them. Resist the temptation to jump into your presentation at the slightest discovery of a need. Instead, carry on asking questions to further clarify the needs of your prospect and potential opportunities and problems they are facing. What has been unveiled about the situation through a quick overview may just be the tip of the iceberg. Here are some guidelines when it comes to asking questions in your meetings. 1. Pre-empt their quest...

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BCI Media Group is the leading provider of business-to-business sales leads for projects within the building and construction market. We research the latest construction projects within Australia, New Zealand and Asia, from the early concept and design stages all the way through to construction.

Every project within our database contains the contact details of key decision makers relevant to the project as well as the products and services required for the project. With over 240 researchers across Asia Pacific dedicated to sourcing this information daily, we save our members time and effort by providing a shortcut in their sales prospecting process.

Our LeadManager program together with our suite of complementary products and services creates a holistic sales optimisation process that equips our members with the information, skills and opportunities needed to connect with key decision makers within the building and construction industry.

The sales optimisation process includes:

Step 1: The right project – find the right construction project that require the products and services you offer with our BCI LeadManager program.

Step 2: The right pitch – attend our construction specific sales training with BCI Academy and learn to craft the perfect sales pitch to appeal to architects and design specifiers.

Step 3: The right people – put yourself in front of key decision makers at one of our BCI Events and present the perfect sales pitch while talking about the right projects to the right people.


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