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Paint & coatings: Nippon Paint (H.K.) Co., Ltd.     

Paint a better world

With a commitment to protect the environment and give its customers the best at the same time, Nippon Paint strives to come up with products that are environmentally friendly and highly functional.

The company directs its attention in R&D to four key areas: increasing occupant well-being, solar protection, reducing VOCs and extending product life cycles.

  • Increased occupant well-being: The outbreak of mould and fungi can pose a health risk for building occupants, especially those with a low immune system, asthma and respiratory conditions or allergies. Hong Kong’s high humidity and relatively warm climate in spring and summer encourage the growth of mould and fungi on external painted walls. To tackle this problem, Nippon gathered and studied samples of the various species of mould and fungi found on external surfaces in Hong Kong, and came up with a specially formulated biocide to combat the growth of mould and fungi. The improved exterior coatings containing the biocide have been tested under simulated weathering conditions and the test results have proven to be positive.
  • Solar protection: Nippon Solareflect is an exterior coating designed to reduce heat island effect. By reflecting infrared radiation, it reduces surface and internal room temperatures.
  • VOC reduction: Nippon Paint attempts to reduce the VOC emissions of its products—as such, its products have a VOC value that is well below the limits stipulated by the Environmental Protection Department 2007 regulations.
  • Extended product life cycle: By extending the lifespan of its products, Nippon Paint’s exterior coatings reduce the need for repainting works and related building waste. For example, Nippon Aquatec Fluorocarbon, a fluorocarbon-based coating can last 30 years. This paint system also provides anti-dirt pick up, reducing maintenance and related service costs.


Nippon Paint has also come up with a technology to reduce the emission of formaldehyde. A chemical commonly used in industry for the manufacturing of plastic resins that can be found in wood, paper and textile, formaldehyde has been classified as being “carcinogenic to humans” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The major exposure to formaldehyde for the general population is through air inhalation, especially indoor air.

Nippon Paint’s “Gold Formaldehyde-Buster Odour-less all in One” interior emulsion paint helps to reduce formaldehyde present in interior environments. Containing a unique ‘formaldehyde abatement’ technology, formaldehyde in the air is absorbed by the bamboo charcoal in the paint which is then broken down and converted into water. This technology has been recognised by the Hong Kong National Inspection & Test Centre as a highly effective decomposition technology.

The leading paint manufacturer

Nippon Paint was founded in Tokyo by Moteki Jujiro in 1881. The company pioneered the first paint plant in Japan and has since developed to be the world’s leading paint manufacturer and the largest paint manufacturer in Asia.

Established since 1970, Nippon Paint (H.K.) Co., Ltd. has a team of experienced sales and marketing staff in Decorative and Architectural coatings. Over the years, the company has secured a wide range of projects comprising luxury private residential apartments, hi-tech commercial buildings, heavy duty structural steel work, public housing estates and public works. Its environmental considerations encompass the various stages from production through finished product to the end-users’ experience. For its efforts and dedication to environmental protection, Nippon Paint (H.K.) Co., Ltd. recently garnered the Capital Green Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 and U Magazine Green Award 2011.

Nippon Paint (H.K.) Co., Ltd.
Units 509-515, 5/F, Trade Square
681 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
T 852-2699 9333
F 852-2602 8844

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