FuturArc is a bi-monthly magazine publication (6 issues per year) that focuses on Green architecture and design, reporting on prominent projects and featuring in-depth discussions and commentaries of issues relevant to architects and industry professionals.

Established in 2006, BCI Asia started FuturArc to advocate for architecture that demonstrates social responsibility and sustainability, as well as to generate discourse to heighten awareness among its research partners and clients. Today, the editorial content is compiled by regional and global FuturArc correspondents and contributing researchers working at BCI Asia’s offices in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Resonating with FuturArc’s advocacy for Green buildings, the magazine also runs two annual competitions to seek out ideas and projects in Asia-Pacific that are not only creative, but have minimal impact on the environment: The FuturArc Prize and the FuturArc Green Leadership Award.

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Architecture @

The Architecture @ is an annual publication that focuses on future upcoming architectural projects in Asia, highlighting the next generation of buildings in Asia-Pacific that will be under construction in the following year.

The projects are selected each year from more than 100,000 future projects reported by BCI Asia and BCI Australia researchers. Each profile includes a description, site plans, floor plans, elevations, renderings and summary information. In compiling information on these projects, BCI researchers interview half a million architects, developers, engineers and contractors.

The Architecture@ yearbook also features section dedicated to showcasing the latest in architecture/building products and technologies with a single leading manufacturer presented in each field. This section aims to provide architects, engineers and developers working to construct energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings a reference guide to the latest in innovative and intelligent solutions.

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Construction+ is a new bimonthly magazine that seeks to present extensive, in-depth B2B insights and updates from the industry, for the industry. We highlight Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia’s most significant architectural, construction and design developments, and their contributions to the local construction landscapes.

Construction+ features thought-provoking commentaries, important news and events, cutting-edge building products and technologies, insightful interviews with key industry professionals, noteworthy projects, profiles of leading companies, as well as advertorials and advertisements. A special section in the Construction+ Special Supplements focuses on the inspiration, design details and unique features about the latest projects.

The Malaysia edition seeks to bring together government and private players by covering significant events and developments, including industrial, oil and gas and mining projects. The Hong Kong edition seeks to focus on building products and technologies, as well as interior projects. The Singapore edition aims to cover local industry happenings and projects, as well as key developments and people in the region. The Indonesia edition strives to provide coverage on local industry happenings and projects in Bahasa Indonesia and selected key projects and/or interviews in English.

Every issue, 10,000 print copies of the Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia editions, as well as 8,000 print copies of the Singapore edition will reach all the right people: leaders and professionals in all areas of the respective country’s construction industry, including developers, builders, engineers, contractors, architects, materials suppliers and government agencies. The digital versions will also reach more than 25,000, 30,000, 16,000 and 20,000 construction professionals in our database in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia, respectively. Advertisements will be featured in both our print and digital editions, and will remain active online to guarantee maximum visibility to potential clients.

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