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Leads at your Fingertips
BCI members have access to their personalised online repository of project leads via BCI’s state-of-the art LeadFinder Service.

BCI’s highly efficient search engine allows users to retrieve information with a few clicks, whether it is projects associated with a specific firm or any number of contacts associated with specific project types – all the data is inter-linked. Projects and contacts can be searched as ‘simple ‘ or ‘advanced’ searches, individually or using ‘saved searches’, by project title, building elements, key words and many more criteria.

Watch list
The project watch list allows clients to highlight projects that hold particular promise for their business. Similarly, users can keep an eye on firms and contacts that are of particular interest to them. BCI LeadFinder will alert users whenever a change pertaining to the watched project or contact occurs.

BCI’s Notifier Service utilises a game-changing push technology to lift the utility of the BCI LeadFinder service to unparalleled, totally new levels.

Users have the opportunity of telling the system to alert them by way of email when a number of important events have occurred.

With the BCI Notifier it is literally not possible to ever miss out on an important opportunity; at the same time it saves hours and hours of futile web surfing in the search for relevant information.

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