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Awards for Singapore’s Top 10 architectural firms

Abstract: ADDP Architects, Architects Team 3 Pte, CPG Consultants Pte Ltd, DCA Architects Pte Ltd, DP Architects Pte Ltd, MKPL Architects, Ong & Ong Architects Pte Ltd, P & T Consultants Pte Ltd, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd and Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd receive BCI Asia Top 10 awards.

The top 10 architecture firms in Singapore received awards today from BCI Asia, the construction media group, in recognition of their contribution to the built environment in 2006.

In alphabetical order, Singapore’s Top 10 architecture companies for 2006 are ADDP Architects, Architects Team 3 Pte, CPG Consultants Pte Ltd, DCA Architects Pte Ltd, DP Architects Pte Ltd, MKPL Architects, Ong & Ong Architects Pte Ltd, P & T Consultants Pte Ltd, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd and Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd.

From left to right: Mr Louis Lee, BCI Asia; Mr Lim Meng Hwa ADDP Architects; Mr Terry Tay, Architects Team 3 (Pte); Mr Hoong Bee Lok, CPG Consultants Pte Ltd; Mr Vincent Koo, DCA Architects Pte Ltd; Mr Wu Tzu Chiang, DP Architects Pte Ltd; Ms Cheng Pai Ling, MKPL Architects; Mr Steven Low, Ong & Ong Architects Pte Ltd; Mr Richard Soon, P & T Consultants; Ms Vivian Heng, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd; Mr Low Cher Ek, Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd; Mr Thor Kerr, BCI Asia; Dr Matthias Krups, BCI Asia.

The BCI Asia Top 10 awards for 2006 were bestowed to these architectural firms in an exclusive ceremony at Hotel Intercontinental on 22 February. These firms have the highest accumulated value of active projects in their portfolios, as reported in BCI Asia’s e-bulletin or Leadmanager information services for Indonesia in the year through to 30 September 2005. The Top 10 awards are presented in eight distinct architectural markets, namely People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

To identify the top 10 architecture firms for these markets, BCI Asia conducted more than a quarter of a million interviews with architects, developers, engineers and contractors; reporting on more than US$400 billion worth of projects last year.

BCI Asia's Chairman, Dr. Matthias Krups, said: "Before the inception of BCI Asia’s Top 10 there was little way of knowing who the leading architectural firms in a given region were. And yet it is important to understand that these firms play a huge role to in our modern, increasingly urbanized society.  They are leaders that profoundly influence our built environment. By acknowledging and celebrating the BCI Asia Top 10 we want to recognize the remarkable impact of these architectural organizations on our cityscapes, and the way we work and live day-in and day-out.“

The Top 10 2006 awards recognize the architectural leaders in eight key markets of Asia. We salute their commercial success, but perhaps more so their immense responsibility in ensuring a sustainable future of our built environment," said Dr Krups.

The BCI Asia Top 10 awards and associated publicity help architectural firms in the region to network, share ideas and promote Asian architecture within the international arena. More than a thousand of the region’s leading architects will attend Top 10 ceremonies in eight cities of Asia this quarter.

The international guest speaker for the Top 10 ceremony in Singapore was Pierre Jean Malgouyres of the acclaimed Archetype Vietnam Ltd, which is among this year’s Top 10 list for Vietnam. Mr Malgouyres reviewed important architectural trends in his country.

Design Awards for specific projects were bestowed at the ceremony by the patrons of this year’s Top 10 awards. The Legrand Design Award for Lighting Control 2006 went to Team Design Architect for The Sail in Marina Bay. The Schott Design Award for Architectural Glass 2006 went to X Pace Design Group (s) Pte Ltd for the Ford Factory Building. The Schindler Design Award for Mobility in Buildings 2006 went to DP Architects for Square 2. Autodesk announced a prize for firms in BCI Asia’s Top 10 2006 in honor of their achievement.

Profiles of the BCI Asia Top 10 2006 architectural firms are available at www.bciasia.com/top10.

Qualification criteria for BCI Asia Top 10 2006

The BCI Asia Top 10 is a ranking of architecture firms by the aggregate value of projects in their portfolios. For the Top 10 2006 rankings, the firm had to be commissioned as architect for projects reported in BCI Asia’s Leadmanager information service between 1 October 2004 and 30 September 2005. Valid projects were those reported at Design or Documentation stages. Projects were excluded if they had been abandoned or deferred or if the architecture firm had a controlling interest as the developer. Projects reported before 1 October 2004 at Design or Documentation stage were included in the index only if they had progressed to Tender, Post Tender or Construction stages during the annual reporting period and were due to start construction after 1 January 2006.

About the patrons

There are five patrons for the Top 10 awards in any market. These companies are leaders in their respective fields of building technology. For Southeast Asia and Hong Kong the patrons are (in alphabetical order) Autodesk, Legrand, Nippon Paint, Schindler and Schott Glass. In China, the patrons are Autodesk, Grohe, Nippon Paint, Schindler and Schott Glass. Click here for more information on the patrons awards.

About BCI Asia

BCI Asia is part of the BCI Group of construction media companies. BCI publishes architectural journals in three languages as well as 500 reports a day on future building and construction projects in Australia, Southeast Asia and China. BCI Asia has 20 offices in the Asia/Pacific region.

BCI Asia Top 10 2006 (firms listed in alphabetical order)


Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University

Beijing Institute of Architectural Design

China Architecture Design & Research Group

China IPPR Engineering Corporation

China Southwest Architectural Design & Research Institute

Guangzhou Design Institute

Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.

ShenZhen General Architecture Design and Research Institute

The Architectural Design and Research Institute of HIT

Tianjing Architects & Consulting Engineers

Hong Kong

Aedas Ltd

Andrew Lee King Fun & Associates - Architects

Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man Architects & Engineers (HK) Ltd

Hsin Yieh Architects (Int'l) Ltd

Leigh & Orange Ltd

P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd

Ronald Lu & Partners (HK) Ltd

Simon Kwan & Associates Ltd

Wong & Ouyang (HK) Ltd

Wong Tung & Partners Ltd


Airmas Asri PT

Anggara Architeam PT

Arkonin PT

Bias Tekno Art Kreasindo PT

Indomegah Cipta Bangun Citra PT

Megatika International PT

Pandega Desain Weharima PT

Perentjana Djaja PT

PTI Architects

Sekawan Design Inc Arsitek PT



Akitek Suria

aQidea Architect

Arkitek MAA Sdn Bhd

BEP Akitek Sdn Bhd

DP Architects Sdn Bhd

GDP Architects Sdn Bhd

Gerak Reka Akitek Sdn Bhd

NRY Architects Sdn Bhd

RSP Akitek


ASYA (Albert S. Yu & Associates) Design Partner

GF & Partners, Architects, Co.

Jose Siao Ling and Associates

Leandro V. Locsin & Partners

Palafox Associates

Pimentel Rodriguez Simbulan & Partners (PRSP)

R R Payumo & Partners

R. Villarosa Architects

Recio + Casas Associates

Robert Carag Ong & Associates


ADDP Architects

Architects Team 3 Pte

CPG Consultants Pte Ltd

DCA Architects Pte Ltd

DP Architects Pte Ltd

MKPL Architects

Ong & Ong Architects Pte Ltd

P & T Consultants Pte Ltd

RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd

Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd


Bent Severin & Associates Co., Ltd.

Casa Co., Ltd.

I' LL Design Studio Co.,Ltd.

Inter Akitek Co., Ltd.

K.T.G.Y. Inter Associates Co., Ltd.

Palmer & Turner (Thailand) Ltd.

Process Architect & Planner Co., Ltd.

S A I Consultants Co., Ltd

Tandem Architects (2001) Co., Ltd.

Teac Co., Ltd.


ACSA Co., Ltd.

Archetype Vietnam LTD.

DP Consulting Co., Ltd.

Ho Thieu Tri Architect and Associates Corporation

ICP Design & Consulting Co., Ltd.

MIA Designs & Consultant Co., Ltd.

NQH Architects

Site Architecture

SWA Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Thien An Architects Co., Ltd.

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