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BCI members benefit from a wide range of exclusive products & services including:

  • Special offers, early bird access and discounts to:
    • BCI services including BCI Academy training programs
    • Partner services including AIS events
    • BCI events such as Breakfast Briefings
  • Free or early access to reports and publications
  • Ongoing user training and support as required
  • Project research requests: if there is a project you need additional information on or can’t find in our database, simple let us know and our team of researchers will source more information on the project for you and provide a response within 48hours of your request.

Training & Support

To fulfill our customer service promise, BCI has created an Account Management team that offers dedicated assistance and support to our members.

As part of our customer service promise, our Account Management team will:

  • Ensure every individual BCI member’s account is set up and that they are trained to utilise our services to the fullest.
  • Assist your organisation in customising your BCI service across a range of settings including automatic notifications, reporting and tracking.
  • Be available to every member as the first point of contact for assistance and troubleshooting.
  • Provide guidance on other BCI research, support and training services that may be beneficial to members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does BCI's project information come from?

The Research Department uses a variety of sources to gather project information. Researchers and dedicated newspaper readers source information from all major city and regional newspapers, magazines and news websites. Local, State and Federal government websites are also used as they contain planning and development information as well as details on tenders and forward procurement. Our Researchers are also in regular contact by phone and email with many consultants in the construction industry.

How many researchers does BCI have?

We have 246 researchers in total across Asia Pacific.

How often are projects updated?

Most projects are checked every 2 to 4 weeks depending on the type of the project and the stage in the construction lifecycle. For example, a project may be updated every 3-6 months to check on the progress of the design or building approval, which can take many months or years to be approved. Our system is programmed to give timely recall reminders that can be custom-set by researchers for update checks.

How accurate is the information?

Each project’s details are researched and verified by contacting the relevant consultants and contractors involved before it goes ‘live’ onto the system. Updates for existing projects are also cross-checked with one or more sources before updating.

How many projects does BCI publish per week?

Total projects reported per month across Asia Pacific is approximately 24,800.

What are the minimum reporting criteria?

Projects are judged by their dollar value and amount of actual construction work to be undertaken. Due to the differences in currency values across the countries in Asia, the minimum value also varies, ranging from US$30,000 to US$128,000.

Which projects are not published on BCI?

We do not report on temporary structures or minor works, and we only report on a select number of single private houses. 

How do I search for a project on the BCI database?

There are many search options to choose from when looking for a project. The best way is to keep your search simple and fairly general, like using a street address, town, province or suburb if known. More specific keyword searches can be performed using words like Apartment in the ‘type’ field followed by concrete as a keyword. Also selecting an area (region, council, town, postcode, state) can be a great way to find what you are looking for.

Does BCI offer training on how to use the system?

YES! Account Managers and dedicated Customer Service Managers are available to visit your workplace or by phone to conduct training sessions to get you started. You can also arrange follow up training for newer staff or as a refresher for you and your team.