BCI Analytix

Using hundreds of thousands of project data points from BCI LeadManager, Analytix pieces together patterns & reveals relationships in a way never before possible within the construction sector. A suite of 8 dashboards designed to provide tailored market insights & uncover stakeholder networks, Analytix facilitates data-driven and proactive strategic planning as well as helping to direct sales effort towards high-probability opportunities. Automatically updated with live BCI data, our clients have the exclusive opportunity to add Analytix access to their existing LeadManager or TenderManager membership.

Analysing the past to help you navigate the future.

Which Architects are specifying your next project?

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What can I use Analytix for?

Analytix has been purpose-built to help you succeed across a multitude of key strategic business activities within the construction industry.  

  • Budgeting & Strategic Planning 
    Macroeconomic data to help you make informed decisions on the future direction of your business. 
  • New Business Opportunities 
    Grow and diversify your business through exploration of new markets and geographies. 
  • Network Mapping 
    Stakeholder insights to identify and understand business relationships within your target market.
  • Market Insights & Forecasting 
    Analyse your project sectors and regions to understand the current state of your market and its future direction. 
  • Competitor Analysis 
    Develop your competitive advantage by decoding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Research & Development 
    Stay at the forefront of your market using insights to innovate and evolve your product or service offerings.  

What are the dashboards?

State of Market Dashboard
A snapshot of the Construction Sector as it is today; State of the Market provides a top-level summary of construction activity by sector, stage & location.

Assess overall volume, value & stage of projects within any given sector allowing you to assess the potential of immediate, medium & longer term opportunities.

Milestones Dashboard
Use historical project milestones to gain insights into both current construction sector activity as well as new application numbers which may help to identify future trends.

Key Market Players Dashboard
Identify key market players and understand how competitive a given sector is by assessing the number of contracts won by a company against total number of contracts awarded.

See which Builders/Main Contractors are actively tendering & how many other companies are tendering against them, as well as their win: loss ratio for a given market to gauge their probability of success.

Relationship Mapping Dashboard
Who works with who, how often, when and in what context? Use historical relationships between companies to gain insights into who is likely to win that next contract.

View relationships between Developers & Architects, Developers & Builders, Architects & Engineers, Builders & Sub-contractors and more.

Network Mapping Dashboard
Whereas our Relationship Mapping dashboard allows you to look at direct relationships between firms, our Network Mapping dashboard takes this a step further, allowing you to map 3 layers of industry connections at once.

Examine the probability of a certain contract outcome based on project sector and stakeholders already confirmed.

Demand by Location Dashboard
Map pre-approved, approved and completed projects by location to predict development activity in any given area for a specific market sector.

Identify development ‘clusters’ to assess future demand for your product/service or alternatively, find areas with little to no planned development for a given project type.

Sector Comparison Dashboard
Compare two construction sectors by the number of active projects, market value over time, key players and more. Designed to help you assess the opportunity each sector presents according to your business needs.

Company Comparison Dashboard
Compare two companies by scope & scale of projects won within a given sector. Designed to give you an overall understanding of their experience & expertise in the market, you can also view location and scheduled construction completion dates for current work.

How do I get access?

Analytix is exclusively available to BCI’s LeadManager and TenderManager members at an additional cost.

  • If you’re an existing member, talk to your Account Manager about adding Analytix to your subscription or click here to submit an enquiry.
  • If you’re not a member, please click here to submit an enquiry.