While working together on a project, effective communication between subcontractors
and main contractors is essential to make sure the collaboration is successful.
This is obviously notonly relevant to the subcontractor/main contractor-relationship,
but any business relationship. Effective communication helps establish a connection
in the first place and is the foundation of good team work.

As explained in another E-book, you will have to convince the main contractors that
you are the best subcontractor to work with on any given project.

According to research we carried out with main contractors, a polite introductory
call to the person is the best way to first get in touch. For example, call the quantity
surveyors when main contractors are preparing their bids, or the project manager or
contract administrator contract has been awarded.

Or, if you can’t reach them by phone, the first contact can be made by sending a brief
introductory email with an expression of interest.

Submitting a company profile is an excellent process, and allows anyone to put themselves forward. Keep in mind to only submit your profile if you fulfil the required criteria. If you do meet the requirements, it is important to prepare a high-quality company profile and position yourself as the best option to work with.

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