BCI Asia’s Virtual Equinox Day 2


5 May 2021

[Singapore-Malaysia]: Different ways to live, work and play by design was the theme of Day Two of BCI Asia’s Virtual Equinox.

Chia Lay Kuan, Director of DCA Architects, presented her insights about integrated design with a case study from a project she has recently completed: the new PSA headquarter office. Focusing on a design that integrates work, learn and play, Chia Lay Kuan, said, “An integrated project is a people-centric project and so there will be a lot of discussion and comprehensive engagement with the client to make it work. For example, every floor could be designed differently, catering to the needs of specific departments. The main idea is to create a user-friendly place with connectedness and high comfort level.”

Meanwhile, available urban space is shrinking while prices are on the rise so high density living, known as Micro-living, is becoming popular. Vance Lew, Marketing Manager of HAWA Sliding Solutions, shared his views about how higher density can succeed without compromising on quality of life. About optimising the use of small spaces, he said, “We started off with a pilot residential project in Switzerland, where we removed all the fixed walls in a small-space apartment and replaced them with sliding doors. This lent us a lot of flexibility, so whenever we wanted to convert a place, we moved the doors to create multi-purpose rooms. In Singapore, this seems to be in trend. The two-room flats by the House Development Board (HDB) no longer have a fixed enclosure for the bedroom, so a sliding door is used instead. And the other bedroom has a folding door. This creates flexibility to optimise the use of small living spaces.”

Mr. Patria Garnifa, Business Development Manager of USG Boral, shed light on how to overcome the challenges of high humidity levels in Singapore. “By focusing on the gypsum board base panelling, especially on mould testing, and ensuring that the testing is of the highest recommended level.”

Today’s sessions comprise 32 exhibitors and five experts. Details are as follows:

  • Reimagining the Way, We Work, Learn & Play by Ms Chia Lay Kuan, DCA Architects
  • Micro-living – Big Opportunity for Small Spaces by Mr Vance Lew, Hawa Sliding Solutions
  • Reintroducing Artistic Simplicity by Ms Wong Jia Lim, Legrand)
  • Feel-Good Finance by Mr Ian Wong, IPP Financial Planning Group Malaysia
  • SECUROCK® Glass-Mat Sheathing Boards for Semi-Exterior Wall & Ceiling Solutions by
    Mr Patria Garnifa, USG Boral

Tomorrow 6 May, last day of BCI Asia’s Virtual Equinox, will open with Ms Low Chee Yean, Representative; Lean In Malaysia talking about the progress of women in the workplace, specifically in the fields of science and engineering, where they remain male dominated worldwide. The event will also include three specialised product presentations focusing on European window and door systems, sustainable innovation of building materials and a comprehensive rainwater system Solution.

Our heartfelt thank you to all who attended today and sponsors for making this a success!

Day 2 Highlights

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