29 November 2019: RICS Real Estate Investment-Risk Management Summit 2019

Event:  RICS Real Estate Investment-Risk Management Summit 2019

Date: 29 November 2019 (Friday)
Fee: From HK$1,400
Registration enquiry: Ms Karina Cheung (kcheung@rics.org)
Sponsor enquiry: Ms Karina Cheung (kcheung@rics.org)/  Mr Peter Au (pau@rics.org)

After a decade of expansion, Asia’s real estate markets are facing rising headwinds. Increases in barriers to trade, uncertainty and debt are all contributing headwinds. As traditional lenders face more stringent regulations, alternative forms of financing have emerged to fill the void, resulting in different types of risk.

Combined with interest rates that appear to be “lower for longer”, the competition for assets in Asia Pacific’s established real estate hubs has intensified. Some market participants have reacted by altering their risk appetites, looking towards new locations and alternative assets in their search for yield. When paired with more balance between west and east in the global economic order, this appears to have resulted in a change in the established patterns of capital flows.

Our expert speakers will explore investment strategies in the real estate asset class, its place in multi-asset portfolios, as well as allocations between traditional and alternative real estate assets.

Highlighted topics

Session one: The global economic outlook

  • The macroeconomic and geopolitics shaping Hong Kong’s market
  • RICS Global Monitor: International real estate investment market analysis

Session two: Risk management in real estate investment

  • Challenges faced by CIOs and risk departments in real estate investment
  • Emerging risks for 2020 and beyond

Session three: Utilising data and technologies to inform investment

  • Availability and accuracy of data and its importance to investment
  • Panel discussion: the application of FinTech in property investment

Session four: A shifting investment landscape and real estate’s place within it

  • Hong Kong’s investor appetite – changes and opportunities
  • Panel Discussion: Diversification with the real estate investment class

Website: rics.org/riskconfhk