19 August 2020: FuturArc Webinar Series – Ecopuncture 2020

This is a series of online presentations that gathers active industry professionals, thought leaders and decision-makers, all passionate about a sustainable built environment and the future.

FuturArc Webinar Series seek to bring together ecologically sensitive products and technologies with core topics on Green design ideas and projects.

19 AUGUST 2020  |  WEDNESDAY  | 11AM – 11:40AM

Attendees are entitled to LAM 0.5 CPD points.

Dr. Nirmal Kishnani
Educator and expert in sustainable design, he is author of
Ecopuncture: Transforming Architecture and Urbanism in Asia,
a FuturArc publication.

Guest Speaker:
Daliana Suryawinata

Co-founder and director of SHAU (Suryawinata Heinzelmann Architecture & Urbanism), she has worked on visionary master plans and architecture projects in many countries including Indonesia, the Netherlands and Germany.


Dekton Façade
by Felix Wang
Architect and Design Sales Manager

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