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Plasterboard & gypsum: PT. Knauf Gypsum Indonesia     

An effective building material

Keeping safety and quality close to its heart, Knauf’s products and systems are developed to withstand heat, moisture and corrosion, with an emphasis on structural soundness and ease of installation.


Knauf Standard Gypsum Board: The standard ivory paper face plasterboard, this is the most malleable model in the range; it may receive a direct plaster finish, or even direct decoration immediately after installation.

Knauf Fireshield: A plasterboard specifically developed to offer superior fire protection.

Knauf Moistureshield: A high-performance plasterboard that is resistant to high humidity levels and temporary external exposure to water, Moistureshield is suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms.

Knauf Denseshield: A stronger alternative, Denseshield is able to withstand impacts and abrasion, and is suitable for areas with high human traffic.

Knauf Apertura: A range of perforated boards without finishes, Knauf Apertura can be incorporated into Knauf’s channel ceiling systems to achieve a seamless finish.

Acoustic ceiling boards: Knauf’s ceiling boards are developed to satisfy a wide variety of conditions. These include reduced sound transmissions for office interiors, total absorption for cinema settings, and better reverberation for large audience halls. According to the different room functions, the boards have also been adapted to remove VOCs, microbes, and airborne particles for facilities such as hospitals and production industries.

Other Knauf products

Ceiling System (Universal Furring Channel): Modelled from mild steel with a standard galvanised steel coating, the UFC refers to ASTM A653 and ASTM C645 standard reference profiles. This system minimises the number of components used, which reduces resource waste and makes installation easier.

Partition System: Manufactured in accordance with ASTM C645, the partition metal sections, modelled from high-grade galvanised steel, have been modified to improve the structure integrity of the partition sections, and for ease of installation.

Lightweight Steel Frame: Fire and corrosion resistant, Knauf’s Lightweight Steel Frame is made from galvanised steel G550, which surpasses the strength of mild steel by 30 percent. Strong and lightweight, the frames are an alternative to conventional building materials such as wood and bricks, and are suitable for the construction of low-rise buildings when used in combination with Knauf’s ceiling and partition drywall systems.

GSP-10: Knauf’s GSP-10 is a convenient gypsum-based plaster spray. Suitable for use on both light brick and pre-cast concrete, GSP-10 dries in under 3 hours and is able to whiten the wall surface prior to the first coat of the paint.

A leading manufacturer

Established in 1932, Knauf is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of building materials. The company’s 150 production sites are operated by 23,000 staff in 40 different countries.

PT. Knauf Gypsum Indonesia
Cilandak Commercial Estate
Garden Centre 5th Floor Suite 16 (B) JL Raya Cilandak KKO, Jakarta 12560, Indonesia
T 62-21 789 1661
F 62-21 789 1662

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