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Glazing & architectural glass: GDBM Company Limited     

Laminated glass solutions

Laminated glass is chiefly known for its safety performance under impact. Upon impact, a characteristic ‘spider web’ pattern appears on the laminated glass, however, the glass fragments remain bonded to the interlayer and shattering is prevented, protecting people from potential injuries. Apart from safety reasons, there is a growing array of aesthetic treatments for laminated glass today to suit different spatial design and technical requirements.

Bridging aesthetic and functional needs

GD Glass by GDBM is made up of two or more lites of glass bonded by an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This serves to ‘strengthen’ the glass, thus increasing safety levels. Apart from addressing safety issues, the company has also come up with a wide range of interlayer choices of different textures and shapes ranging from fabric to three-dimensional objects such as bamboo and flowers to let architects, designers and consumers create visually interesting surfaces.

Bridging aesthetic and functional needs, GD Glass can be customised to suit different requirements. The range is suitable for both architecture and decorative projects, and it can be applied to various surfaces including shopfronts, wall linings, partitions, room dividers, table tops and cabinets.

Helping demand meet supply

GDBM Company Limited strives to provide sustainable, unique and lifestyle-oriented building materials and services to professionals in the architecture, design, building and construction industry. Its wide range of materials is suitable for residential, commercial, landscaping and infrastructure projects.

GDBM Company Limited
Showroom 18/F, Siu On Centre, 188 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
T 852-2877 2683
F 852-2877 2673

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