BCI LeadManager

The new and improved LeadManager is a web-based sales platform that enables Product Manufacturers and Suppliers to find new sales opportunities, reach the right audiences and track end-to-end sales performance. Combining live construction project information with CRM capabilities, the multi-functional system has been purpose-designed for the construction and architectural sales environment.

Streamlining sales so that you can focus on selling, not searching. 


Project Leads & Specification

Securing and keeping a product specification often involves a time and labour intensive sales process that extends through the lifecycle of a project. For many businesses it also means a vast outlay of resources from sales and marketing in order to generate leads and convert these into sales. With BCI LeadManager, our platform has been designed specifically to simply, fortify and multiply your sales.

  • Simplify Lead Generation: Architects & Engineers
    Streamline your lead generation process with tailored, high quality, early-stage projects delivered to your inbox daily. Complete with verified Architect/Engineer contact details, your sales team can get in touch with the right decision maker, at the right time, on specific projects that are looking for your product.
  • Fortify Your Specification: Builders & Sub-contracts
    Keep your specification secure by ensuring that it is not swapped out by the Builder. Projects on LeadManager includes all Tendering Builders on a project, giving you the opportunity to submit your quote to multiple Builders and maximize your chance of securing the order, regardless of who wins the contract.Once awarded, projects will also show the successful Builder, along with a range of awarded Subcontractors, giving you control of your sales process from beginning to end.
  • Multiply Your Opportunities: Your Customers
    Increase your opportunities with existing customers and contacts. With LeadManager you have the ability to track your Key Accounts with automated email notifications sent directly to you when they become involved in a project. Ensure you are across all the projects your Key Accounts are working on, including the ones they may have forgotten to mention.

Targeted Marketing

Whether you are an established business with a new product ready for launch or a start-up trying to build your customer base, BCI can help you amplify your brand exposure and marketing reach.

Access the contact details of key construction professionals on projects within LeadManager, including Property Developers, Architects & Engineers through to Project Managers, Builders and Subcontractors. With the ability to filter by sector, region and profession, we can help ensure your campaigns are targeted towards the most promising segments of your market.

Our unique project based information also means you can connect with decision makers at moments of influence along their purchasing journey. For those looking to reach Architects, this is usually during the early stages of construction (concept to design), where Architects are creating specifications and actively looking for new ideas to incorporate into their designs.

In-Build CRM Functions

For those considering implementing a CRM system, but who don’t want the cost or complexity of a mainstream solution, LeadManager may be a more suitable alternative.

Complete with in-build CRM functionalities, LeadManager allows users to find leads and manage their sales pipeline in one central system rather than two separate platforms. With the ability to add notes, follow-ups along with sales pipeline tracking and reporting, LeadManager will give you greater transparency on what each and every opportunity means to your business.

Our CRM can be customised to mirror the unique steps of your sales process, making it easy for your sales team to enter critical information about each project into the system. Track opportunity values, sales probabilities and expected order dates for fast and accurate Sales Forecasting. Managers also have the ability to generate a range of Reports for a detailed snapshot of what your industry is up to and what your team is working on. For more complex reporting, all data (both BCI information and customer-entered data) can be exported to excel for your convenience.

API CRM Integration

When your sales strategies and metrics rely on your CRM data, it is vital that the information entering your CRM is accurate and complete. For many businesses already utilising a mainstream CRM, the reliance is on their sales people to diligently and accurately enter information into the system. This can be costly, time consuming, with no guarantee of consistency in the quality of information entered.

Our API (Application Programming Interface) means we can seamlessly integrate LeadManager with your existing CRM system to eliminate the need for manual data entry across multiple systems, saving you time and money, while also improving the integrity of your CRM data.

For example, a business with 10 Sales people each taking 5 to 10 minutes to enter a project opportunity manually into a CRM will spend between $35,000 to $70,000 per year in Sales wages for this data entry. It will also waste up to 70 to 140 hours per month of time, which would be better focussed on selling rather than administration.

Features & benefits:

  • Significantly reduce admin and increase the time available for your Sales team to sell.
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of internal reporting and eliminate data gaps to ensure you see ALL available opportunities entering your CRM, not only those that are selected by your Sales team.
  • Fully customisable requests with the ability to automatically request relevant project and contact information and updates by the minute, hour, day, week or any time increment of your choosing
  • Compatible with any of the industry-standard CRMs and most in-house CRM systems (Protocols supported include REST, HTTP, SOAP, in XML and JSON)

Mobile App

Equip your sales team with the tools they need to sell and ensure they are speaking about project specific solutions from day 1. With BCI’s Mobile App, your team can stay up-to-date on the latest projects while out on the road. With a host of functions, our Mobile App means your sales team can:

  • Find nearby live project sites based on your current location using the ‘Projects Near Me’ function
  • View project details including Project Scope, Current Stage, Value and Key Contacts
  • Automatically sync all ‘Notes’ added to Projects/Companies while on the road across their full account access
  • Capitalise on project information when at a tradeshow or at a meeting with the ability to research their new contact by viewing a comprehensive summary of live and recently completed projects their contact has been involved in


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