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TENDER News in Indonesia 17 May 2002

Abstract: Berita tender ini hanya layanan tambahan. Untuk mengetahui informasi proyek secara detail seperti kontak person, alamat, nomor telepon, fax, email dan lainnya, Anda dapat berlangganan Buletin Dua Mingguan BCI Asia yang sesuai dengan sasaran proyek perusahaan Anda.

Succinct, Specific and Urgent needs

PT.BCI Asia invites those – project owners, consultants, contractors, who want to participate on this column (free of charge), having a plan to buy construction, building or interior products, or to get more information on products in setting the projects or finding out new products to set the new trends of project on design stage

SARNAS Semarang
Search & Rescue Nasional would like to open tender for contractors with K2 qualification for the construction of one-storey operational building on 500 sqm site. Tender opens on 17 May 2002 to 21 May 2002. Contact: Mr. Riyadi (project manager) or Mr. Bambang Purnomo (Head of Tender). Jl. Taman Tawang No.1, Semarang. Phone: 024-3580027/3520234 Fax: 024-3541555 (M1)

Rancangtama Bangunmandiri Indocitra PT
Regarding the renovation project of stadium for National Musabaqoh Tilawatil Quran, a consultant needs information on: indoor and outdoor sound system, lighting, acoustic and cabling products. Contact: Mr Kristian Pitoyono (Architect) 0536-22020  ƒ 0536-22481. Jalan Pangrango No. 219 Bukit Hindu, Palangkaraya, 73112, Kalimantan, Email: rbi@palangkaraya.wasantara.net.id (D1)

Jawsika Agricon CV 
This consultant needs information on acoustic for the usage of library building. Contact: Mr. Agus Suparman. Jl.Pramuka 5A (Kencana) No.5   Samarinda 75117. Phone:0541-734155 Fax:0541- 734155. Email: jawsiconst@plasa.com (D1)

Sampan Putra PT
A construction company is looking for some information on building products that related with interior, steel and cements. Contact: Mr. Wiwid Nugroho (Project Manager). Phone: 021-7919 1113  Fax: 021-7919 7765. Email: sampanputra@cbn.net.id (I1)

Wijaya Tribwana International PT
An architect consultant needs some information on modern and automatic doors, sanitary and furniture. Contact: Mr. Gusti Sardjana (Architect). Phone: 0361 287 668/287 632 Fax: 0361 286 731. Email: ptwijaya@indosat.net.id (I1)

Shangrilla Hotel Surabaya
A hotel developer is looking for Mechanical and Electrical Contractor with the competitive offering for AC preferably with Trane brand. Contact: Mr. Drajat Sriwidodo (Chief of Engineering). Phone: 031 566 1550  Fax: 031 561 8662. (B1)

Private Contractor
A contractor needs some information and price for Hebel concrete (autoclave concrete), prime mortar, concrete steel sizes 9, 22, 25 and clean water installation pipes to be used hot and cold water, waste water installation pipes, fumigitive (material and instruction manual and price), black wood (Meranti). Contact: Mr. Chairil Anwar. Phone: site 021-75908751 Home:021-84993630 (B1)

Private Contractor
A contractor needs some information on waterproofing product and price. Contact: Mr. Agustinus Liem. Phone: 0815 8866788 (B1)

Hotel Yusenny
To develop their hotel, a hotel operator needs some information on lift (OTIS or LG brand). Contact: Mr. Dominnggus Ganggar (Operational Manager). PHone: 021-7206565 Fax:021-7208304 (I1)

Arcenass Nusantara PT
An architect consultant needs any kind of interior lamps, door glass (tempered or reflected), conventional roofing tile (decrabond  or tegola).  Some to be used for their current projects and some for next design of the project. They are also looking forward to getting more information regarding world ultimate & innovative building product. Contact: Mr. Rully Oktavian (project architect). Jl Padasaluyu Utara II no 3, Bandung 40154. Phone: 022 201 0354  Fax: 022 201 4420. Email: arcenass@indo.net.id (Fa1)

Cipta Kemas Abadi PT
A packaging plastic factory needs some information on the industry that related with the development of design and engineering of factory, the new invention for building materials to special application something like paint for food. Contac: Mr. Saleh Fuadi (Technical Manager). Phone: 021 596 0728  Fax: 021 596 0727. (I1)

Airmas Asri PT
An architect consultant needs the newest information on ceiling and flexible plaster materials. Contact: Mr.  Budi Istiyanto (architect). Phone: 021 3190 6688  Fax: 021 3190 6767 (I1)

Arteka Kharisma Karya PT
A contractor firm is seeking for their project some steel with sizes 16, 15, 19 and 6 to 12 (full). Contact: Ms. Sri (Logistic). Phone: 0361 234 660  Fax: 0361 236 953 (B1)

Loka Konstruksi PT
A contractor firm is looking ceramics 40x40 (white or motive) for approximately 900 square meters, electrical panels to include cable, lamps, switch etc, tile roofing 6,000 pieces and furniture for hotel. Contact: Mr. Erlangga. Phone: 0361 232 810 (B1)

Private Contractor
For their luxury house project in Madiun, a contractor firm is seeking any kind of Marble and price (pink color). Contact: Mr. Charles or  Mr. Agus. Phone: 031 879 2792  Fax: 031 870 4966 (B1)

Hamco PT
A specialist contractor firm for steel structure and steel roofing is looking for any kind of steel material to include zincalum with Perkasa brand, deck, steel paint. Contact: Mr. Wijaya (Logistic). Phone: 021 5696 6655  Fax: 021 567 3607 (B1)

Inti Mitra Perkasa PT
A contractor firm needs urgently mixture concrete for their three storey shop-houses project at Ciledug, steel 16, 13, ceramic 30x30 (white). Contact: Mr. Johan Sugianto. Phone: 021 584 9881 (B1)

Policipta Multi Design PT
A consultant for M&E is seeking the newest information on technology or the system for hospital mechanical and electrical.  This consultant has many projects in health. Contact: Mr. Irvan Chaniago. Phone: 021 570 8483  Fax: 021 573 7958 (I1)

Hilon Sumatra PT
Kondo Industrial Sewing Machine and Yamaichi Sewing Machine, those companies would be able to help us to find machine which has a program called Neddle 240X240 to produce comforter (bedding goods). (Multihead Quilting or Computer Quilting or Computerized Machine for Comforter). Inquiries for that matter please contact: Monika Pandiangan (Secretary), Phone: 061-8366401 Fax: 061-8365408. Jalan Jamin Ginting Kav 11 No 64A Medan Sumatra Utara 20153. Email : hilonsumatera@hotmail.com (Y1)

Dextam Contractor PT
A building contractor firm needs some information for their current project to include: 1. Ceramics 30x30 white – ready stock. 2. Ceramic 40 x 40 white/motive – ready stock 3. Granito with any stiles and size – ready stock. 4. Parquet (wooden flooring). Contact: Mr. Indra Wijoyo. Phone: 021-570 6164 /573 6670 Fax. 021-570 3208 (B1)

Fokus PT
An architect consultant firm needs some information on products as follow: vertical blind, mini blind, folding gate, cement, sand (price). Contact : Ms. Ima Halimah. Phone: 021-630-5545 Fax. 021-630 5640 email: info@jipi.com (B1)

Global Bangun Sukses PT
A specialist contractor for steel structure would like to get some information on Zincalume product (specification and price). Contact Ms. Dian. Phone: 021-581 46 53 Fax. 021-581 4654 (B1)

Nesic Bukaka PT
A contractor for transmission station development, needs some information on Iron 19-16-10, Kansai paint (iron paint), Cable BC for anti-thunder and grounding system. Contact: Mr. Alim. Phone: 021-794 4333 (B1)

Toyota – Tsusho
A company is looking for some agents or suppliers for several machineries including: okuma, makindo, okamoto. Contact Mr. Dino/Mr Sintong Sibarani. Phone: 021-5226390 Fax : 021-5226830 (B1)

Susanto Ciptajaya Corporation PT
We inform to you since May 01 first, we have moved to Wisma Bisnis
Indonesia, for any correspondence you  can send direct to this new address.
Wisma Bisnis Indonesia, 8th floors #816. Jl. S Parman Kav 12, Jakarta 11480. Phone:021-5305901; 5305902 fax: 021-5305903. Email : esusanto@cbn.net.id  http://www.inaweb.co.id/susanto

Salemba Design Arsitetur PT
An architect consultant firm needs product information any related accessories for window to include gordyn, vitrage etc and Bali painting and office furniture. Contact: Mr. Prastowo Adji (Architect) Phone: 021 390 1048  Fax: 021 390 1048 (I1)

Asri Consultant CV
An architect consultant needs a concrete shell for the top of roofing their two mosques in Bengkalis and Selapanjang. Inquiries start from 15 May to 1 June 2002. Contact: Mr. Syamsul Asri (Director) or Mr. Mohammad Safran (Architect) or Mr. Gasmaizal (Architect). Jl. Kesehatan II No.7, Lapai, Padang 25142. Phone/Fax: 0751-55324 (Y1)

Nantembo Consultant PT
An architect consultant needs for their two storey market building project with the modern design as follow: fire hydrant system, escalator, rolling door and ceramic. Inquiries start from 15 May 2002 to 15 June 2002. Contact: Mrs. Yulinur Safrianti (Director). Jl. Banjarmasin Blok K No.1 Ulak Karang Padang. Phone: 0751-53678 Fax: 0751-54426 (Y1)

Samudra Tujuh PT
An interior contractor firm needs in a big quantity of wood : sungkai, red meranti and nyatoh; Plywood – sungkai and nyatoh size 3-4 mm; white and yellow glue. Contact: Mr. Idris Syahrial. Phone: 021- 825 4654 (B1)

Pratama CV
A contractor firm needs some product information for their future projects in Semarang to include: iron, size 10 & 12; wave asbestos; rolling doors, and paints for exterior. Contact: Mrs.Ani Widipratamanti. Phone: 024-761 4353 Fax: 024-761 4354 (B1) 

Dewi Jaya Agri Gemilang PT
An interior contractor firm needs Meranti Super wood with the export quality (non-eye) with the need of 100-qubic meter per month. Contact: Mr. July. Phone:021-8855680 Fax: 021-8855681 (B1)

Multibrata Anugrah Utama PT
A contractor firm which always using the heavy equipment in running the project, they need any kind of spare parts for Komatsu excavator. They also need for the current project to include multiplex and plywood, size 12 mm with the quantity 200 pieces per two months. Contact: Ms.Ani or Mr. Tanjung (Purchasing). Phone; 022- 6031235 /604 2408 Fax.022-6042406 /603 1252 (B1)

Wiratman & Associates
Regarding their current projects, this consultant needs information of Perforated Metal Wall and Roof Panels System. Contact   Mr  Nico J Sumenge  (Architect) Phone: 021-7817777 / 781 3443  ƒ  021-7829370. Email:corporate@wiratman.co.id  Website:www.wiratman.co.id  Graha Simatupang Tower II Blok A & D, Jalan TB Simatupang Kav 38,  Jakarta, 12540, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia (D1) 

PT. Istaka Karya
To run their project, the company is looking for ceramic with Roman brand, size 40x40. It quite urgent. Please contact Mr. Supratman (logistik).Telp. (021) 725 8686 Facs. (021) 725 8787. (B1)

Tunggal Wisesa Adikarsa PT
A construction company needs some information on the finishing materials, any kind of granite stones and the information of the building material technology. Contact: Mr. Deni Walter (Architect).Phone:0561-765077/743527  Fax:0561-765077.Email:tunggalwisesa@centrin.net.id.(I1)

PT. Bali Pasific Pragma
An infrastructure contractor which always using the rental of heavy equipment in running their project. For the next project, they need to rent the heavy equipment to include: excavators, tandem, dump truck, and three wheels. Contact: Ms. Santi. Phone.022-7319334 Fax:022-7319334 (B1).
Karyadeka Alam Lestari PT
A developer needs some information on building materials with the prices to include GRC (light concrete), underground pipes. Contact: Mr. Basuki Utomo (architect coordinator). Ruko Taman Niaga BSB Blok F No 1-3A, Jalan Semarang-Boja Km 6, Semarang 50212. Phone:0294-572 285 Fax. 0294-572 287. Email. mailto:kotabsb@indo.net.id (M1)

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